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créé par Stephdu50 le 21 Jan. 2012
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A partir des paroles de chansons de Justin Bieber, retrouve le titre !
It's like everytime you fall No one going to lend you a helping hand Ohh, mm Wanted to and will you spend Your life with some four walls Standing in quick sand Woahh
It's the most beautiful time of the year, Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer, I should be playing in the winter snow, But I'mma be under the mistletoe
When I met this girl my heart went knock, knock Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop, stop And even though it's a struggle, Love it all we got est financé par la publicité, celle-ci permet de vous offrir du contenu gratuitement.
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I always knew you were the best The coolest girl I know So prettier than all the rest The star of my show
It fills the air, And I fall in love with you, All over again, Ooh, You're the light that faced the sun, In my world, I'd face a thousand years of pain For my girl
You know you love me, I know you care Just shout whenever, and I'll be there You want my love, you want my heart And we will never ever ever be apart
It's a big big world It's easy to get lost in it You've always been my girl And i'm not ready to call the quits
Come they told me pa rupa pum pum A new born king to see pa rupa pum pum Our finest gifts we bring pa rupa pum pum To lay before the king pa rupa pum pum, rapa pum pum, rapa pum pum
Hey . . Hey . . you are my world because you are important, you're beautiful, you are special ... You are mine. My only . .
See I never thought that I could walk through fire. I never thought that I could take the burn. I never had the strength to take it higher, Until I reached the point of no return
I never thought that it be easy Cause we both so distance now And the walls are closing in on us And we're wondering how
I don't want a lot for Christmas There's just one thing I need I don't care about presents Underneath the Christmas tree ne certifie pas l'exactitude des réponses, contactez Stephdu50 !

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31 octobre 2012
Dommage c`est en anglais

17 août 2012